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High-tech cooler Kickstarter raises $5M with 44 days to go

We’ve got high-tech fridges, lawn mowers, grills and almost anything else you can think of. But have you considered taking a cooler and making it even cooler. How about making it, perhaps, coolest?

Coolest Cooler is killing it on Kickstarter
Coolest Cooler video

Well, too bad. Someone’s already beaten you to it and they have packed just about everything possible into these bad boys. And people definitely seem to be all in to take one home with them. The concept is still in the Kickstarter phase, but that doesn’t mean they’re struggling in their infancy.

According to The Wire, the Kickstarter for the “Coolest Cooler” was aiming to raise $50,000 to send their cooler into production. Color everyone surprised when today, total currently stands at $5,387,901 with 44 days left to raise money. Yesterday, The Wire reported that the campaign had raised $4,819,434. That’s an incredible $568,467 raised in just one day. Guys, why can’t we get this excited about donating money to curing cancer or ending hunger?

Because this blender might be able to do all that. Not really. Not even close. But it has an incredible amount of features that are pretty hard to pass up. The cooler features its own rechargeable blender, waterproof bluetooth speaker, USB charger, LED light on the lid, a cutting board/cooler divider, integrated storage for plates or knives, a way to tie gear down and a bottle opener.

A lucky few were able to snap the cooler up at a price of $165 and right now Kickstarter contributors can get the cooler for $185. Considering the cooler will actually retail at $299 when they hit shelves, this is a solid deal. Factor in how expensive all these features can cost on their own (portable blenders cost $200 all on their own) and even the retail price tag is a steal.

Production won’t begin until September and coolers will likely ship in January to February. Are you considering making this a gift to your future summer self?

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