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High School students protest confederate flag ban in Waldron, Arkansas

Student displaying the confederate flag on their vehicles were asked to remove them while they parked on campus at Waldron High School, CBS 5 News reported yesterday. In an update to that same story today, CBS 5 News reported that students showed up this morning to protest the school policy by displaying the confederate flag on their trucks this morning.

Students protest policy at Waldron High School banning confederate flag
Wikipedia -- Wikimedia Commons

CBS 5 News reported on its web site this morning, “They didn’t have them in the school’s parking lot as the superintendent previously requested, but they did fly them visibly in front of the school, just off the property.”

Gary Wayman, the Superintendent of the schools in Waldron, Arkansas, had warned students that they could face punishment if they continued to display the confederate flag on their vehicles on the school campus. CBS 5 News reported, “Supt. Gary Wayman met with three male students Monday morning to warn them about impending punishments they could endure if they continued to fly the Confederate flag. Wayman said the boys flew the flags from poles sticking up from their pickup trucks.”

“A student involved in the situation told 5NEWS administrators also threatened to rescind their credits for graduation,” CBS 5 News also reported.

The ban on the condeferate flag caused quite a stir locally and on the facebook pages of several students and others involved. On a facebook page created by citizens from the area, called “Scott County 746,” which appears to have been created by Second Amendment and gun rights advocates, seems to have taken up this issue as well.

Someone named Marty Nelson posted the issue there, writing, “This isn't about gun rights, but it sure is slapping the 1st Amendment in the face. The 2nd is already null and void at schools, guess the 1st will be the next to fall.”

“Either apologize to these boys or immediate termination,” posted Gary Epperson.

The Scott County 746 facebook page has the conference flag posted on the top of the page, and many of those taking up this issue have posted pictures of that same flag on their facebook pages. One supporter posted a picture of the front of a tee shirt that read, “If you are offended by this flag, you need a history lesson” surrounding the flag itself.

The site also features a link to a story from The Blaze about a black student winning a fight to displace the confederate flag from his dorm room on campus.

The controversy has created a lot of buzz locally and citizens in the town seem to be caught up in the issue. Many students at the school and family members are taking up the cause, displaying the flag or putting it on their facebook pages.

The Sheriff of Scott County Arkansas, Amie Carpenter, in which Waldron is located, posted this regarding her son's alleged involvement in the controversy, on her facebook page, “I have to say I'm proud of my son for knowing his rights and for standing up but yet keeping it respectful , cause that's the way he's been taught his whole life . Whether it be a flag or whatever . A quiet little boy that has grown into his own man with his own voice , that I and his dad are very proud of ..And thanks to the rest of the boys for listening and doing as I asked.”

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