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High school students learn to brew beer in class

The drinking age in United States of America is 21 years old; however, there are a number of underage drinking that happens in the country according to the CDC.

The average high school student

• 39% drank some amount of alcohol
• 22% binge drank and some point
• 8% drove their car after drinking
• 24% rode with in a car with someone who had been drinking

Knowing these stats, what would you do if your high school age kid came home from school and said they learned to brew beer in school today. This is exactly what happened in a biology class at Ralston Valley High School.
The project which included a tour of the brewing process at the Coors Brewery was not to promote drinking; however, was made to have a deeper understanding of anaerobic respiration. The school has been doing this for the past eight years without any complaints, but this year parents are starting to question if there is not another way to teach the concept. What would you do?

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