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High School Homeschoolers

Planning to homeschool a high schooler this next year? Congratulations! Many people feel very intimidated by homeschooling a high school student and you have taken on the challenge!

Often, as students enter high school, parents feel that they can't teach their child all the subjects at a satisfactory level anymore and therefore the student needs to attend a school. I agree that parents are rarely equipped to teach all subjects on a high school level, although it does happen, but if you find yourself in the situation where you aren't feeling sure how to proceed, I wanted to offer a few suggestions to help.

There are more possible options for high schoolers now than ever before. From online courses to learning center classes, from charter school direction to community college classes. Those are all possibilities. When it comes to online courses, there are tons, but Khan Academy is one of the first that comes to mind, since it is free and well-organized. There is also free online courses available from universities such as MIT and Stanford and many more.

Another option is to enroll in some classes at a learning center, where students can take high school level classes and can socialize with their peers. At these centers, there are often classes taught by high school credentialed teachers and other experts in their field of study. What is also great about these classes is that the teachers write a weekly update of what was covered in the class so parents are up to date on everything. The learning centers, such as Learn Beyond The Book also offer social clubs and other great teen training, such as Leadership Skills, Digital Portfolios, Volunteer hours, College prep, Life Skills, and Job Training on Fridays.

Charter schools, such as SCVi or Albert Einstein Academy sometimes offer classes for high schoolers as well. This could be very helpful if you are trying to fulfill high school requirements while being in a charter and receiving instructional funds to spend on classes or curriculum.

Last, but not least, high schoolers are able to take dual enrollment classes at community colleges. This could help students fulfill high school requirements while at the same time earning college credits towards an AA or completing the IGETC requirements for transferring to a university.

So, no matter how you look at it, you are not alone in the attempt to educate your homeschooled high schooler, you have lots of opportunities for help.

High school is often the best time to homeschool, because students often start a career while still in high school through internships or becoming entrepreneurs. If nothing else, homeschooled high schoolers have tons more time to explore their passions and find out what makes them happy, so that they get to grow in those areas and probably end up in a career that suits them well long-term.

Enjoy the high school years with your teen!

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