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High School fires asst. principal for being in a same sex marriage.

Assistant Principal Mark Zmuda was beloved by his students at the high school where he was an administrator. But because he was an administrator at a Catholic high school, he is out of a job, because he is gay and married to the man that he loves.

Now, first of all, the Catholic Church can fire and hire anyone they want based on religion. They don't want same sex marriages performed in Catholic churches (or even gay men or gay women in same sex marriages employed in their schools), fine.

Heck, I don't know for sure if they wouldn't fire a gay doctor, in one of their hospitals, who is in a same sex marriage. Maybe?

Anyway, while the Catholic church has this right, they on the other hand don't want gay men or women to have a right to marry even in a civil marriage.

I guess that the Catholic Church isn't through trying to control Western governments as it did for almost 2000 years.

So, Asst. Principal Zmuda, formerly of Eastside Catholic High School in Seattle, WA, is out of a job but he would be rehired, strangely enough, if he got a divorce. This is what the local leadership of the Catholic Church is now telling him. Now, what makes this ironic is that divorce is a big no, no, in the Catholic Church. It's actually a sin.

Students at this high school actually had a big protest after he was fired. They are planning an even bigger one, titled "Z Day". Students stated they tried to reach out to the Archdiocese of Seattle, but have been ignored. What, do they expect a Catholic Church that has ignored the beliefs and thoughts of its' members for the last 2000 years, to pay attention to what they say?

I wish to thank the Archdiocese of Seattle for creating a lot more atheists and humanists in the future willing to ignore completely the dictates and demands of the Catholic Church.

By the way, as always, if you support marriage equality you can join and become a member of the Human Rights Campaign or Freedom to Marry. Thanks, once again.