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High School Debut: review and recommendation

volume 1
volume 1

This recommendation and review is on High School Debut. It has 13 volumes and is released by Viz Media. It is written by Kazune Kawahara.

It’s about a girl name Haruna and a boy named Yoh. It starts out as Haruna being a first year and Yoh being a second year high school student. Haruna has quit sports in order to find love, but she being to gung ho about it with research. She doesn’t realize that the biggest secret about finding someone to date is to just be yourself. So, she asks Yoh to be her love coach under the rule that she never fall for him. Even with his help, Haruna still does the wrong things by listening to the advice of the magazines. As the coaching continues Haruna develops her first crush on one of Yoh’s best friends, Fumiya. But in the end she gets her heart broken because of Yoh’s sister.

A little time later she starts liking Yoh and she gets him a gift. They get into an argument and she throws her gift at him. In the process, she fires him. Yoh is clueless as to why until one of his friends talks to him. They start dating. Do they stay together or do they break up? You’ll have to read and find out!

This manga series is rate T for Teen. So for Teens and older. It is your typical shoujo manga with the right mix of comedy and drama. It is recommended for everyone especially those of us who can relate to Haruna and wish we could have had a love coach in High School.

If you live in the Colorado Springs area, you can find this at you local PPLD branch or bookstore like Borders. It is a fairly new series. Happy Reading!