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High school admissions waiting game continues

High school admissions process
High school admissions process

Just days after the release of nearly 77,000 round 1 high school admissions letters to 8th graders across New York City, thousands of students are hunkering down for what comes next: round 2 and the appeals process that follows.

After waiting a grueling three months for these letters, an expected 10,000-plus students are in the midst of making another set of choices for round 2, with its more limited selection of programs. Thousands attended the round 2 fair at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Campus this past weekend, and program choices will then be submitted to guidance counselors by this Friday, March 21.

Students participating in round 2 are those who either received no match in round 1, or are taking their chances at programs they prefer over their round 1 match. At the conclusion of round 2, all 8th grade students will have been matched to a high school. Students who cannot be matched to one of their choices in round 2 will be assigned to a school within close proximity of their home.

After another two months of waiting for round 2 results, all 77,000 will then have the opportunity to appeal their match, if they wish. Last year, approximately one-quarter of all appeals were granted, according to the Department of Education.