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High school admissions results guidelines released

(The following is the third in a series of articles examining the events leading up to, and beyond, the expected release of round 1 high school admissions results for New York City middle school families next week.)

Over the past few days, the NYC Department of Education announced further details about the release of Round 1 high school application results, as well as what to expect in round 2 of the process.

These details offer additional information for some common questions posed by the nearly 80,000 middle school families throughout the city who are anxiously awaiting these results:

1. When will the results come out? Letters will be delivered to students by their respective schools early next week, possibly as early as Monday. As several top schools, including the coveted specialized high schools, have scheduled open houses for accepted students as early as mid-week, letters are expected early in the week.

2. In what format will results be delivered? Schools have individual protocol for delivering results, but generally letters are given to students to take home. All results, including the results for the specialized high schools, are provided in one letter.

3. Why should students enter round 2 of the process? Round 2 is intended for students who either did not receive a round 1 high school match, or for students who are not happy with their round 1 match and prefer a round 2 program.

4. What happens in round 2? During round 2, students will have the opportunity to choose another set of programs from the round 2 list of available programs.

5. What if students don’t like the programs offered in round 2? The list of available round 2 programs is based on seat availability and includes any new schools that are expected to open. Students are advised to consider as many programs as possible from this list, or they may consider an appeal once they have a match.

6. How much time do students have to decide on round 2 choices? The deadline for round 2 choices has been set as Friday, March 21.

7. How can students evaluate round 2 choices? One way to evaluate these choices is by attending the round 2 high school fair, scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, March 15 and 16, at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Educational Campus. School representatives will be there to answer questions.

8. Can students appeal? Appeals are considered after round 2, but families should note that the guidelines for appeals are stringent, and the reason for the appeal is taken into consideration. The strongest appeals are typically for a documented travel, safety, or medical hardship associated with a student’s current match.

The days ahead are sure to be filled with anxiety and a wide range of emotions. Stay tuned…

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