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High-rise fire safety company partners with NYC property managers

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High-Rise Fire Life Safety Company is partnering with Property Managersand Owners to Comply with NYC New Residential Fire Safety Laws

New York City, NY--Fire Life Safety Solutions USA (FLSS USA) is fire safetytraining and consulting company and one of the leading providers of fire safety training,specializing in developing on-site fire life safety training programs, for tenants living in high-to-low rise residential apartment buildings, within the New York City Metropolitan area. The company provides high-quality training and consulting in fire prevention, fire life safety andemergency evacuation.

As part of the company’s comprehensive services, FLSS USA provides each residential building with a written fire safety plan--site specific to that building for the benefit of property ownersand managers, tenants and building service employees (porters, engineers and security or firepersonnel). Fire Life Safety Solutions USA, offers fire safety solutions; including "hands-on" training seminars and consulting services in the area of fire safety and emergency actionplanning, fire prevention awareness, preparedness and tenant emergency response. This information is required by the Fire Department of the City of New York City (FDNY)under "New" Title 3, FC408-02 3 RCNY §408-02 Residential Fire Safety Guides and Notices.

RULES OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK - FINAL RULEMAKING NOTICES ... As set forth in 3 RCNY §202-01, “FC” refers to the Fire Code and “R” to the rules...3 RCNY §40802 ... preparation and distribution of residential fire safety guides (formerly denominated “residential fire safety plans”) and residential fire safety notices). The Company was formed to provide fire safety training and written plans, guides and notices for residential buildingstructures as mandated by the Fire Department of the City of New York City (FDNY).

According to the New Rule, effective in 2004, every residential building (J2)—including cooperative and condominiums—must prepare a fire safety plan, following a model by the Fire Department. This plan must be distributed annually to all of the occupants and service employees of the building.

According to an expert in creating high-rise safety and fire programs, he asked “Why is it that I am protected in my office (commercial) environment?” In a commercial building tenants or workers are usually there for approximately 7-8 hours, but my wife and children are not protected, in a cooperative or condominium apartment (residential building), they are asleep for many hours; it is more important to be protected in those cases.”

Fires that affect our homes are often the most tragic and the most preventable. While the loss of our possessions can be upsetting, the physical and psychological injuries fires inflict are often far more devastating. It is a sad fact, but nearly three-quarters (72%) of all civilian fire injuries occur as a result of fires in residential buildings—our homes. Civilian fire injuries, by definition, involve people who are injured as a result of a fire.

These injuries generally occur from activities of fire control, attempting rescue, or escaping from the dangers of the fire. In 2005, someone was injured in a residential building fire every 39 minutes. The latest available data for Residential Building Fire Trends (2007-2011)--National Estimates for residential building fires in 2011, the most recent year data are available, are; Fires: 364,500; Deaths: 2,450; injuries 13,900 and Dollar Loss: $6,651,400,000 (in billions).

Fire Life Safety Solutions USA, LLC., is partnering with property owners, managers, cooperative, condominiums boards and tenants to assist them in complying and removing any violations of the "New" Title 3, FC408-02 3 RCNY §408-02 Residential Fire Safety Guides and Notices. We will work side-by-side with your tenants, building service employees to the benefit of your company and the safety of your tenants, property owners and managers.

For more information, contact Richard Reeves, general manager, at Fire Life Safety Solutions USA, LLC via email at and by phone at 917-9210-7058.