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High quality 100% Oud Oils and Agarwood Chips now available in US - RAMADAN SALE

Oud oils
Oud oils
Courtesy of OudSelect

During the Holy Month of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr alone, Saudi nationals spend millions of dollars (approximately $160 million) on Oud, a fragrance that takes about 300 years to form in the trunk of the Aquilaria tree. The tree is native to India, Cambodia, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand and found deep in the forests, making it difficult and dangerous to harvest. (click here for article)

There are many different types of Oud, each possessing its own unique fragrance, which is highly valued among many Muslims, especially during the holidays.

Oud also has medicinal value. In China, India, and Japan, Oud has been used to treat asthma, chest congestion, colic, nausea, kidney problems, thyroid cancer, lung tumors, post childbirth, and as a general tonic. In the most respected Hadith collection, Al-Bukhari reports that a man went to the Prophet Muhammad, may Allaah bless him and grant him peace, after trying to treat his son’s throat disease by pressing his fingers on his son’s tonsils and palate. The Prophet (saas) stated,

Why do you pain your children by pressing their throats! Use Ud Al-Hindi (certain Indian incense) for it cures seven diseases, one of which is pleurisy. It is used as a snuff for treating throat and tonsil disease and it is inserted into one side of the mouth of one suffering from pleurisy.

OudSelect based in the United States now offers a wide selection of high quality, 100% Oud oils (including Sweet Sumbawa, Borneo Gold, Royal Cambodian, and more) and Agarwood chips. The Web site has a helpful “Beginner’s Guide” (click here) that explains about Agarwood and how the oil is extracted.

Testimonials include the following (click here for more):

I'm sorry it took so long [to reply], but I was not prepared for this olfactory adventure! This is more than a simple perfume, it something akin to a state of mind or state of grace, if you will. I have chosen Borneo Mist [as my favorite], it melds with my own natural scent into something beautiful!!! I don't understand how this type of "perfume" is not the most famous and most renowned in the world, it should be. (Nora)

Aaaaah Subhanallah, Masha Allah are the first words that come to my tongue! The whiff of these Ouds reminds one of the exotic jungles of far eastern countries. Jazakallah for the swift transaction and delivery of my items ordered. I have worn all three (Crown Merauke, Borneo Mist and Indian Assam) over two days, and I say you are a definite winner. I am an Oud Conniseur and have checked hundreds of Ouds including oils from Saudi Arabia [and the other popular online retailers]. For OudSelect’s Oud prices they are worth every penny.

For those of you out there who are skeptical and confused, I give you [my] guarantee, you will certainly not be disappointed with OudSelect’s Ouds. No need to sample, just choose your type and you will not be wasting money. And as for Brother Yasin, he is an honest person and is excellent to deal with. (Abd Ali)

Notably, the owner chooses growers and distillers for their environmentally-aware practices, and the goal of the company is to use business proceeds to sponsor an Umrah each year for a Muslim convert. (click here)

Because of the difficulty in harvesting and the long time it takes for the oils to develop, Oud isn’t cheap. Fortunately, OudSelect currently is offering a Ramadan Sale in time for Eid! (click here)

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