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High Point Lake: Tranquil angling opportunities abound for multiple species

High Point Lake is a 338 acre impoundment located in Somerset County, PA. It takes its name from it close geographical proximity to Mt. Davis, the highest point in the state. Dedicated almost exclusively to fishing, the lake is owned and operated by the PA Fish and Boat Commission. Unlike many other large bodies of water in Pennsylvania, boat traffic is restricted to un-powered (row boats, paddle boats) or silent battery powered trolling motors only. The result is an uncanny silence that pervades the entire lake and adds a measure of peace and tranquility uncommon in the summertime months when the roar of powerboats, jet-skis, and water skiers is the norm.
Two boat ramps and adjacent parking lots are located on opposite ends of the lake and provide more than adequate access for boats equipped with trolling motors. Target species on the lake include northern pike, chain pickerel, yellow perch, crappie, walleye, and both large and smallmouth bass. Yellow perch fall under the panfish enhancement program set in place by the PFBC. So, yellow perch must measure a minimum of 9” before they can be added to the stringer. All other species fall under the general size and creel limit regulations set in place by the PAFBC for waters of the commonwealth.
In late May and early June, walleye are a particularly popular target as their feeding behavior escalates immediately following the annual spring spawning period. Lindy rigs with crawlers, leeches, shiners, and fathead minnows trolled or drifted in the deeper stretches of the lake are a proven and popular method there. Target deep waters with rocky, gravel bottoms near the dam located on the western end of the lake. The Fish and Boat commission holds an annual stocking of walleye fingerlings to ensure the long-term viability of the species in the lake.
The lake also boasts an excellent population of over-sized crappie, smallmouth, largemouth, and pike. This makes each hook set a delight since you never really know what will appear at the other end of your line.

High Point Lake sign
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