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High paying jobs for teens and young adults

Skilled labor pays well and is in high demand
Skilled labor pays well and is in high demand
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Teens that choose not to go to college can still find well paying careers. As a society, we place a high value on the college education, but recent years have shown that college graduation doesn’t always lead to a successful job. There are many opportunities for teens to excel and make a decent living wage without the expense of a four-year education.

Skilled labor is in high demand in the U.S. The Manpower Group reported in 2012 that skilled labor was number one in job demand. “Education experts agree that maintaining a highly skilled workforce is essential to the continued economic prosperity of any knowledge-based economy. But new research suggests that America's stores of skilled labor may be running low.”

Most of the skilled workforce in America is aged 45 and over, which creates a real opportunity for teens to take the lead in these fields. Skilled labor includes Elevator Installers and Repairers, Plumbers, HVAC Maintenance and repair, boilermakers, electricians, and machine operators. Many of these jobs pay $28.00 or more hourly.

As teens decide what to do after high school, consider attending a trade school to ensure a well paying job.

Ranken Technical College in St Louis offers education in automotive, machine operations, HVAC, and more.

Construction Training School works with unions to provide apprenticeship programs in carpentry, bricklaying, iron working and more.

Missouri Tech offers degrees and training in information systems for teens who love technology.

For a complete list of technical colleges in the St. Louis area, click here

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