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High-paying $85K to $250K job opportunities in the eCommerce world are red-hot

iPad shopping.
iPad shopping.
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Fueled by exponential growth in mobile phone technology, along with the insatiable desire for consumers to shop via their smartphones and tablets, the world of eCommerce is on fire.

As a result, there is much need for e-tailers to provide an omni-channel retail experience to these mobile shoppers, and this is why finding technology and sales talent is in red-hot demand.

Especially in today’s sluggish economy, one would think that national recruiters must have tons of job candidates for their e-tail / retail clients to choose from.

Yet, according to Kirk Sears, a seasoned executive recruiter with Management Recruiters International, the complete opposite is true. Based in Connecticut, he specializes in recruiting for this fast-paced and ever-changing world of eCommerce in the technology industry.

What Kirk finds is that “qualified technology job candidates, for instance, who really understand both the user experience and user interface are hard to come by. They have to be much more than just coders in order to thrive in this overheated industry.”

Here’s the going rate that Kirk is seeing in the United States for some of the hottest eCommerce jobs:

Solutions Architect - $85K to $135K per year depending on experience and software platforms known.

Good to know: Because the demand is high, many eCommerce companies offer employees their own training and development programs with certification opportunities.

Inside Sales Professional - $50K to $70K base salary plus 30 percent incentive or variable compensation per year.

Enterprise Sales Professional (selling to e-tailers / retailers) - $80K to $125K base salary with variable compensation, averaging as much as $250K per year.

Good to know: Sales professionals now travel less due to technology advances in video conferencing, webinars and online events. Plus, there is a shortage of women in software sales so more females should apply to eCommerce jobs because they will have an advantage over other job candidates in this male-dominated field.

Where many of the eCommerce jobs are located…

In the United States of America, the typical hot spots are in California, Texas, Illinois, New York and Massachusetts. However, North Dakota and Michigan are fast becoming areas known for eCommerce innovation as well.

As for American-based companies offshoring, Kirk says “places like the Ukraine, Mexico and South America are also getting in on the eCommerce development action. There is also a gradual shift in bringing some of the traditional development work back to the U.S. and we see more retailers developing their own software platforms domestically.”

Good to know: Many American e-tailers / retailers prefer to hire Americans with insights into the buying habits of the American consumer first, but there is a shortage of talent domestically.

This means that if American job seekers are interested in selling or developing technology in the eCommerce industry, then job growth and career advancement opportunities look very promising today and in the years ahead because a lot of e-tailers prefer an “American voice” for its mobile consumers.

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