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High on coke? The President who does not think about the consequences

I got high, not always thinking about the harm it could do, The Huffington Post quotes President Barack Obama saying last week. The president spoke lasst Thursday regarding his “My Brother's Keeper” initiative (which he doesn't extend to his own brother living in a hut in poverty in Kenya) when he made the statement about his past usage of marijuana and cocaine, which he has also admitted in his autobiography. The Huffington Post AP story describes the initiative Obama announced as, “urging stronger efforts to create more opportunities for young minority men and to improve conditions that keep them impoverished and imprisoned in disproportionate numbers.”

Worse than alleged cocaine use is Obama's tendency to not consider the consequences of his actions as president

The real problem here isn't that Barack Obama used cocaine, or even the likelihood that he's still using cocaine while president. The real problem is, that this is the president who engages in actions and makes decisions, just as cavalierly as his drug abuve, without thinking about the consequences of his actions.

There are so many instances and so many areas where this president could not have thought out the possible consequences. ObamaCare is the most notable. He knew (and lied about it) that millions would lose their insurance plans and their doctors, he lied about it during the last campaign, but it's clear while he knew these would happen, he didn't think about the consequences of millions of losing their insurance coverage and doctors. While he didn't consider the political consequences of those things happening, he even consdered even less the consequences on individuals and families for losing their insurance coverage and doctors. And for a few already, the consequences of ObamaCare have proven deadly, as some dednied treatment because of the bureaucracy of switching over to ObamaCare, have died prematuraly of their illnesses due to the lack of timely treatment.

Obama has raised hundreds of billions in taxes and is demanding more tax increases, without ever thinking (or even being aware of, because he's so economically ignorant) of the consequences these additional taxes have on working poor families and those who are party of the almost non-existent remaining middle class. Additional taxes, and burdensome regulations, have prevented the possible creation of tens of millions of new jobs, and Obama doesn't seem to care. He doesn't seem to have a clue, nor even care about the consequences of his failed economic policies.

In one policy area after another and in everything else from this president, he neither cares nor considers the consequences of his actions and he just doesn't seem to care nor does he get it. We have the most oblivious, inept, incompetent, and uncaring president we've ever had. It's quite likely that we're dealing with a president who has severe mental illness who is entirely unable to sympathize or empathize with the millions of victims of his failed policies, and he's entirely unable to even understand nor want to think about the consequences. He truly is the narcissistic manchild president, totally self-absorbed and living in his own fantasy world, and he shows it every day.

Clearly this president belongs in The Looney Bin, not the White House. Or impeached, convicted, and put in jail where he can get mental health services there as well. And not a single Republican in Congress has the conjones to suggest we should impeach this president before his unhinged nature and authoritarian policies do more damage to the country. They don't seem to be thinking of the consequences of allowing Obama to remain in the White House.

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