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High-level executives value resiliency in women business leaders, Accenture reports

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Accenture has released research that concludes that corporate leaders world wide deem resilience to be of foremost importance in calculating employee retainability during economic recessions.

The research, Women Leaders and Resilience: Perspectives from the C-Suite, reports that more than two-thirds (71%) of surveyed senior level executives of mid to large size companies in over 20 countries around the world find women are slightly more resilient than men. Resilience, defined by Accenture as “the ability to overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities,” is considered the overall determining factor in senior level executive measurement of employee retainability during an economic downturn.

Findings indicate that women’s leadership programs implemented by high-level organizations have remained stable despite the global economic downturn. Also of note is that organizations on the leading edge of financial performance offer women a variety of professional development opportunities to prepare women for management roles. Among the survey’s other significant findings are reports on how executives view professional women in teamwork situations and their level of productivity.

The report seeks to raise awareness about career enhancing efforts organizations are undertaking and maintaining as a means to prepare women for executive positions and to help expand the discourse on vital issues currently affecting working women. Forty-eight percent of all respondents did not modify leadership, coaching or mentoring programs for women in the past year.

A full report on the research, Women Leaders and Resilience: Perspectives from the C-Suite, is available at


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  • Gloria 5 years ago

    Today is international women's day. It's on March 8th each year.

  • Quirky 5 years ago

    Women vs. men again? I thought that battle was long dead. Guess not.

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