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High hopes for SuperLow

Taking the open road to a broader audience
Taking the open road to a broader audience

Social media and smartphones create unprecedented access to consumers. Buyers have a wealth of variety in the marketplace for almost every product. As a result, designers and advertisers must work harder for every sale. The old adage ‘know your customer’ is critical. Following that lead, the designers at Harley Davidson took a close look at demographics and created the SuperLow 1200T.

In the United States, the average male is around 5’9”, while the average female is around 5’4”. Females now represent an estimated 20% of the motorcycle community. The average motorcycle seat is around 28 to 32 inches from the ground. So for someone 65 inches tall, a seat height of 32 inches makes for an uncomfortable, unsafe ride. The seat on the 2014 SuperLow 1200T sits approximately 26 inches from the ground and presents bikers 5’1” to 5’7” with an ideal design.

A motorcycle can weigh well over one thousand pounds, depending on the chrome, the frame, and the accessories. For a 150 – 200 pound human, 1,000 pounds of metal can be hard to manipulate. The Harley Davidson SuperLow weighs around 600 pounds, which is easier to control when the biker can stand flatfooted.

Details can be deal breakers. The design of the 1200T pays close attention to the small details. The frame features mini-footboards which are 3” closer than traditional footboards. The seat is 2” closer to the handlebars. Adjustable, ergonomic handlebars have turn signals mounted on the underside for ease of use. Four inches of seat padding further supports the reduced reach design. Every small detail provides an extra element of control for the biker.

Price wise the SuperLow 1200T is mid-range at $11,799. 2014 Honda Rebels start around $5,000, while the upper end Harleys can cost over $25,000. In contrast, the retro-designed 2014 Symwolf 150 Classic runs less than $3,000. From a Harley perspective, the SuperLow 1200T base model includes saddlebags and a detachable windshield, which aren’t available on other HD base models. The intent is provide a total package touring motorcycle to a specific demographic.

Female motorcyclists are growing in number, while the motorcycle market for bikers less than six feet tall is largely underserved. The design of the 2014 Harley Davidson SuperLow 1200T targets bikers with fewer buying options. The bike also gives new bikers a fresh look at an old sport. To sum it up, Harley Davidson has high hopes for the SuperLow.