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High Finance Politics

In today's world of high finance politics the two major parties take great pains to keep individuals who to some may have revolutionary ideas or solutions {which by the way some of which could elevate every Americas quality of life} from ever getting the exposure that is so necessary to be elected. This exposure is needed to educate more voters that there are different and alternative ways of solving today's most acute problems.

The party faith full in both the Democratic and Republican party are cornering the market in the public exposure with the lavish attention that are bestowed upon certain candidates. All this from the main stream media. So orchestrated by today's press that if a candidate has neither wealth or connections to wealth they can't ever expect the same amount of exposure given to one who is so well connected. The media today pays total attention to candidates of both parties faith full who raise excessive and spends exorbitant amounts of money. Both parties are guilty of practicing, coordinating, and sanctioning the art of exclusion of candidates who don't fit the mold of either party.

This exclusion from both parties and the media has been going of for years now. Back in 1996 is just one instance where the media took it upon themselves to dictate who could be a viable candidate, who would be included in party debates, and who would be covered by the same media that sets the criteria for viability. But, was denied the opportunity just because she didn't fit the mold and criteria set by the main stream media. It has been that the criteria for a persons candidacy for public office is all predicated by wealth. Throw in the recent Supreme Court ruling on campaign finance practically seals the fate for any person who doesn't fit either parties agenda in seeking public office. Take any well financed candidate for example, they are extremely well funded by a very small select group of individuals which will expect certain favors in return when elected. This is true of any parties candidates that fit in with the mainstream of either party.

Another contentious factor today as in years past incumbent legislators most always have had a distinct advantage over their opponents. In most cases it is the party whose incumbents that are in control of legislatures continually redraw voter districts in favor of perpetuating their own incumbency. This is happening not only in Florida but all across the country.

In almost every election it is these sets of circumstances that continually thwart and derail prospective candidates from ever being able to win an election regardless of how worthy their ideas, ideals, or proposals would be in impacting the lives, livelihoods, and quality of life of their constituents. Today with the states voting on the legalization of Marijuana even with more than 60% of the voting public in America today support the legalization of certain drugs, particularly Marijuana. The conservative movement within the Republican party has continually thwarted it's passage. Amazing, when the majority of constituents overwhelmingly support legal marijuana the Republican base in almost every instance has managed to turn it down. In other words legalizing marijuana doesn't fit the mold of the conservative movement within the Republican party. All because of they are so well financed.

It is no wonder that the Occupy movement was becoming very popular only to face the same outcome when so much financial influence is thrown at the wealthy candidates or the chosen few that have greater influence with the main stream media. If the people of the United States continues to succumb to the aurora of wealth in elections now and not realizing how both political parties have intrenched themselves by choosing their own people to represent us we as a nation will fall victim to history. This is when nations fail to achieve lasting true greatness for the betterment for all of mankind. This nations true greatness was bestowed upon this country by our founding fathers when they penned the Declaration Of Independence, The Bill Of Rights, and the Constitution. No where does it imply that our basic right in representative government "of the people by the people and for the people" preclude that only the wealthy need apply to represent the citizens of the United States.

This nation can no longer partake and allow our political parties practice, encourage, and sanction the practice of exclusion of any one who seeks public office. This is a very real eminent danger to the future of the United States when elections that are supposed to be all about equal representation of all the people fail and only serve less than 10%. If this is allowed to continue a Republic will cease and an empire will emerge.