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High expectations for creative writing program


Michael Graff, a current Goucher Freshman at his High school graduation

When recent high school graduates enter college for the first time, many enter with either low or high expectations. Some may enter expecting to find that their peers party hard every night and go to class with hangovers.  Others may enter with high standards. Will the college they have chosen match up with their educational standards?

Michael Graff, a freshman at Goucher college and eventual English major, has high expectations for Goucher's creative writing program. Goucher college's creative writing program, formally entitled the Kratz Center for Creative Writing, is a very well-known program.

That is exactly why Graff, who hails from Commack, NY chose the school. He says he wanted to go to Goucher because it is a "small liberal arts college on the East Coast and in a blue state". Bearing that in mind, Graff should fit right in, as the college is mostly democratic, with some republicans.

On his experience applying to Goucher, Graff exclaims "When I visited, I always had a fantastic impression and left with more reasons why I liked it".

Graff is one of many students interested in creative writing. Many students on campus are either majoring in English with a concentration in writing or write creatively in their free time. Up until now, Graff has been in the latter category. He hopes to take a creative writing class during the Spring semester. He hopes that the writing classes "give me the skills that I need to convey my ideas effectively".

While Graff is not taking a creative writing course at the moment, he says that one of the topics in his academic writing course (English 104) is the graphic novel. Yet the course's main focus, of course, is academic writing.