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High energy Grouplove concert thrills Tabernacle faithful in Atlanta

Grouplove returned to Atlanta on Tuesday night for the second time in a year and performed their brand of high energy, fun indie-rock / pop music to the delight of their fans at the Tabernacle. The concert had been rescheduled from earlier in the year and, as such, became the last show on the current Grouplove tour of the United States.

Grouplove concert at the Tabernacle, May 6 2014.
Photography by Andrew Snook
Hannah Hooper of Grouplove
Photography by Andrew Snook

As might be expected with a tour’s last show the band left nothing on the stage as they sang and danced their way through a set that lasted about 90 minutes. Led by Hannah Hooper and Christian Zucconi constantly dancing back and forth across the stage the entire Tabernacle audience sang and danced right along with them. Clues to the energy and attitude of the evening were apparent right from the outset as Zucconi went surfing through the first few rows of the crowd during the set’s opening "I'm With You."

Grouplove are touring in support of their second full album, “Spreading Rumours”. With only two albums the set was always going to be fairly predictable as they focused on music from their latest release but interspersed into it, music form their first release that has created and cultivated the almost cult-like following they have.

Grouplove’s fans in Atlanta were in full voice at The Tabernacle. Grouplove’s biggest commercial hits “Tongue Tied” and “Itchin’ On a Photograph” were treated to complete audience participation as the band provided great live versions of both those songs. More surprisingly was the complete audience participation in some of the anthems from the latest album. “Raspberry” and “Schoolboy” were both treated to the same raucous crowd accompaniment as just every other song played during the set.

Halfway through the set the band provided a cover of Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” which has become popular since it was first played earlier on the tour.

While Hooper and Zucconi are the vocal and dancing leads of the band they are complemented by drummer Ryan Rabin and guitarist Andrew Wessen who provide the perfect musical underpinning that allows Hooper and Zucconi the freedom to perform. A special hometown welcome was provided to bassist Dan Gleason, the Atlanta resident who has joined Grouplove on tour in place of Sean Gadd who is working on other projects.

Not only do the band members throw themselves into the music but they are also aware and sincerely appreciative of the energy they get from their fans; a point made several times by Christian Zucconi.

The band finished their four-song encore with their first release, “Colours” to the obvious delight of their fans and themselves. It was a rousing finish to an evening that started at a frenetic pace and never let up.

Smallpools opened the evening and proved to be the perfect "warm-up" band for Grouplove as their music also provided the crowd with some anthem rock, particularly their most popular song "Dreaming".

Grouplove and their Tabernacle faithful proved to be a dynamic partnership last night in Atlanta. It was obvious that, with little or no coaxing from each other, both were going to have a good time even on a Tuesday night! They all did!


I'm With You 

Itchin' on a Photograph 


Lovely Cup 

Naked Kids 

Shark Attack 

Hippy Hill 


School Boy 

Gold Coast 

Don't Say Oh Well 

Tongue Tied 

Drunk in Love 
(Beyoncé cover)
Bitin' the Bullet 



Borderlines and Aliens 

Beans on Pizza 

Ways To Go 


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