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High demand for Cherokees and Wranglers leads to 1,000 new jobs at Chrysler

Jeep Cherokee
Jeep Cherokee
Yahoo Images/file photo

Demand for Chrysler’s Wranglers and Cherokees have been so high that the company has announced plans to hire as many s 1,000 part-time workers to alleviate the pressure on its full-time workers at its Toledo Assembly Complex. This is in addition to 380 temporary workers hired this year, with 50 having been converted to full-time employees. The new positions will pay $15.78 an hour for 10 to 30 hours a week. It should be noted that applications for the new jobs have now been closed.

The plants currently employ more than 4,000 workers in two 60-hour a week shifts.

Wrangler sales rose 10% in the United States to 155,502 units during 2013, and the company reports that they rose another 5% this February over the same period last year. In fact, Chrysler sold 20,193 Wranglers and 22,300 Cherokees since 2014 began, despite the harsh winter that has kept thousands of people out of showrooms across the country.