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High crimes and what?

An impeachable offense?
An impeachable offense?
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The R’s are in high dudgeon. They are just furious with President Obama. In fact, they’re more furious with President Obama than usual. They’re talking about suing him. They’re even talking about impeaching him. They accuse him of high crimes and misdemeanors. And what are these crimes?

He exercised the power granted him by the constitution to issue executive orders.

In specific, he issued an executive order to raise the minimum wage for some 2 million workers employed by federal contractors. This is huge, right? Notice, he didn’t raise the minimum wages for, oh, say, workers at McDonalds who make starvation…not to say slave…wages. Nor for hotel workers…not even the ones who work in Washington and who, technically, come under the purview of the Federal government. No one really. Only workers employed by federal contractors…for whom the executive branch, by statute, may dictate the rate at which they are paid.

What else did he do?

Well, not much, really. He didn’t, for example, restore unemployment benefits for 1.3 million workers booted off them when Congress failed to restore the benefit at the end of last year. He has said specifically that Congress has to do that. And, so far, the grinches in Congress have declined to do so.

He could impose immigration reform by executive action…he did part of that a couple of years ago when he issued orders stopping the deportation of “dreamers”…children brought into this country by their parents and here by no choice of their own. But he hasn’t…and has said that it is Congress that needs to act in this case. Congressional R’s, for their part, say they’re reluctant to pass new immigration laws because they don’t trust the President to enforce them…despite the fact that this administration has deported more undocumented workers than their beloved George W. …who, come to think it was a little too soft on the brown folks, too.

Of course, this President can’t be trusted to do anything. He is entirely the wrong color to…

Wait, did we actually say that? Did we even think that?

When before in the history of this country did allegedly responsible leaders of the legislative branch of our government suggest they didn’t trust the duly elected and sworn President of the United States to enforce the properly enacted laws of this country? What white President has ever been accused of this sort of dereliction? Perhaps the R’s whooping and hollering for the President’s impeachment for simply doing his job ought to look into their own dark hearts for the racist motivations that drive them.

And when the citizen of this country begin looking for fit subjects for impeachment, perhaps they should look at the Congressional end of Pennsylvania Avenue for their subjects.

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