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High Alkaline plants for your home

High Alkaline Plants
High Alkaline Plants
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Generally most plants grow better in acidic soil but there are some plants that prefer alkaline soil to acidic soil and are therefore called high alkaline plants. You can use water from your alkaline water ionizer to water and care for these plants. Acacia is a high alkaline plant that is drerived from areas where the soil has strong alkalinity, and cabbage is also high in alkalinity. Other well-known high alkalinity plants include cauliflower, celery, geraniums and plants that are often found in the Mediterranean regiion.

Certain Trees and Shrubs

Trees are not only lovely to look at in front of the home but they are also perennials, which means they can last at least two years. Certain kinds of trees do well in alkaline soil and they include cedar elm trees, holly trees, olive trees, and Asian persimmon trees. Shrubs add excellent curb appeal to your lawn and the high alkaline shrubs include Japanese quince, littleleaf boxwood, feathery cassia and lavender.


Hydrangeas are large flowers that have a pink or blue color and these flowers are a favorite among gardeners who enjoy colorful flowers in the yard or in front of the house. What you may not know about hydrangeas is that they thrive in alkaline soil so you can adjust the pH soil with alkaline water when you plant hydrangeas.


Thyme is a favored herb by chefs and home cooks alike, and if you have an alkaline water ionizer at home, you should plant thyme in your yard because thyme likes alkaline soil. When you plant fresh thyme, you will always have some on hand and you save money on store-bought thyme in a container that is not as pungent as fresh thyme.


Like thyme, oregano grows well in alkaline soil and it grows up to 12 inches tall. You can use oregano in tomato-based dishes, cream sauces, soups and on roasted or grilled meats and fish. Oregano is also a good substitute for salt if you are a diabetic who just switched to a low-sodium alkaline diet.


Ginger is a herb that is used in most Asian and African dishes and you can even make tea with it. What you may not know about ginger is that it has a pH of 6.5, which is slightly below alkaline but you can use alkaline water to adjust the soil for planting ginger so that it reaches an alkaline state. Ginger has medicinal properties and it has a pungent flavor to it.


Nature offers flowers and vegetable plants for our enjoyment and healing, and this is especially true with alkaline-friendly plants. With your alkaline water ionizer, you have the ability to grow these plants successfully and reap a bounty for you and the family. If this is your first time growing plants, have a gardener come and help you get started and you can also read books on gardening with high alkaline plants.

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