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High achievers key to organizational success, workforce specialists report

High achievers are key to an organization's success,, a British career development newsletter, reports.

High achievers are results driven individuals who work to a high standard with a minimal need for supervision. They are ambitious and disciplined, and are driven by a desire to succeed.

According to David McCullough's theory on human motivation, there are three motivators--the need for achievement, the need for affiliation, and the need for power--that determine who we are. The primary driver for high achievers is the need to achieve.

High achievers possess the following attributes:

o They are pro-active and demonstrate strong leadership skills.

o They are disciplined. They set goals for themselves and work on those goals until they attain them.

o They possess a positive outlook. High achievers see challenging projects as opportunities instead of as threats. Their positive outlook enables them to overcome setbacks and to stay with a task until it is completed.

Managers who employ high achievers on their staffs use the following tools:

o They recruit intelligently. They recognize that high achievers increase company productivity and provide opportunities for everyone on their team to succeed.

o They clarify their expectations, and work with high achievers to align the high achievers' personal goals with the company's goals.

o They keep work assignments diverse and professionally rewarding

o They assign tasks that enable high achievers to reach their potential.

o They provide assessments to the individuals who work for them so these individuals will be able to improve their performance.

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