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Hideo Kojima continues to ruse and confuse with his latest interview appearance

Via GameInformer (February 21)

'Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain' slideshow-slide0
This image comes from the interview process.

The ride never ends with kooky Koji. GameInformer has been hyping their exclusive interview with Hideo Kojima for some time this week while the rest of us continue to hype one of the hypest games that's ever been hyped to Hell and back, "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" and its "Ground Zeroes" counterpart.

The interview in its entirety can be found here so instead of slogging through the obvious, let's look at a few standout moments in particular. Please remember that any theories or speculation that pop up throughout this article are just that: Theories and speculation, with a dash of two cents.

The interview begins with the topic of amputation being a recurring theme in the "Metal Gear" franchise and if Kojima intentionally made it more bold and apparent with this installment in order to sort of wrap things up. During this time, the interviewer refers to the man seen in the trailers thus far (shrapnel-head and all) as Big Boss and Kojima returns this gesture, despite the fact that there seems to be an air of doubt to Big Boss's true identity during the interview process.

Interviewer: "Big Boss is in a coma between Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain. However, Liquid Snake reveals in the first Metal Gear Solid that Big Boss was in a coma when the Les Enfants Terribles cloning program started, which was years earlier. How many times has Big Boss been in a coma?"

Kojima: "There’s only once he’s in a coma, and to explain that you need to play towards the end of The Phantom Pain. There it will come together. You’ll be like “Oh, that’s what happened!”

So, with the ruse cruise at full capacity and all thrusters on high, it's safe to say that Kojima knows something we don't in regards to Big Boss's unconscious state, the timeline it inhabits, and whether or not the man awaking from the coma in the very first Phantom Pain trailer is the same Big Boss that we all know and love.

Liquid Snake (MGS1) is quoted saying that Big Boss was in a comatose state during the events of Les Enfants Terribles, from which the sons of Big Boss were born. This conflicts with Hideo Kojima's statement and leads to even more questions, although it has been said that Liquid's line was possibly mistranslated. Food for thought.

Interviewer: "By the time The Phantom Pain takes place, the Patriots are fully formed. Will you be revealing any of the Patriots’ formation via flashbacks?"

Kojima: "I guess the only thing that I can say is that there’s Skull Face, there’s Major Zero – the relationship between them will be portrayed. That’s as far right now as I can say without spoiling."

Why Kojima would even mention Skullface at this point in the interview is baffling since no one asked. Why he would imply a relationship between him and Zero when no one asked is confusing even moreso. It's known that Major Zero and Big Boss are at odds with each other, so Skullface and Zero working together seems like the right route to follow in this thought process (with Mother Base being destroyed in the trailers and all), but for the sake of making an already convoluted string of theories even more convoluted, maybe Skullface is the true Big Boss. The one that was in a coma during the events of Les Enfants Terribles.

In "MGS4" we learned that Major Zero built Bog Boss to be an idol and wanted him to stay that way. Perhaps the Snake we play as in "MGSV" is that idol. A fake Snake dressed to play the part of a hero while the true and damaged Big Boss, now known as Skullface (described as "A ghost without a past"), attempts to cripple the image constructed by Zero. Maybe I'm an idiot. Who knows. It's fun to speculate.

Interviewer: "Is there a chance that The Phantom Pain might finally close the gap between the stories of Solid Snake and Big Boss?"

Kojima: "Like I said, you will put things together. Please don’t look me in the eyes because I’m so tempted to tell you and I shouldn’t. What I should say is that there is a specific way for the games to put things together."

With my own high hopes of the later half of "The Phantom Pain" being a "Metal Gear" and "Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake" remake, it seems that this game will play the role of the final bridge from the prequels ("Snake Eater" to "Peace Walker") to the original "Metal Gear Solid". But of course, this isn't the first time we've heard something like that.

Shifty-eyed Kojima seems intent on keeping himself tight lipped while at the same time bubbling with excitement as people continue to unravel the mysteries of his roundabout way of storytelling. This is the mark of a man who not only enjoys the prospect of misleading his fanbase, but also has an intense passion for storytelling. Hideo Kojima is the most smiley guy you'll ever interview and that's because he anticipates the discussion and enjoyment that players receive from his games. Never change, Kojima.

Much of the remaining bulk of the interview relies on discussing gameplay changes, the size of "The Phantom Pain"'s layout, the use of mobile devices to interact with the game's micro-management features, and the confirmation that save files from "Ground Zeroes" (the prologue to "MGSV: The Phantom Pain" in case you've been living under a rock) will carry over to "The Phantom Pain" when it releases.

It's not the most information in the world, but the interview serves as yet another nice appetizer as more details are sure to come as we approach the as of yet unannounced release date. Until then, stay hype, and check the trailer linked to this article to "WHOA HOO" all over again.

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