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Hiddent Talent: Stream movies online for free via Indiewire

With sites like Amazon Prime digging their heels into subscription movie services with great results (ahem, HBO original series catalog), and Netflix producing their own original, critically acclaimed programming (House of Cards, Orange is the New Black), there's more than one way to stream films or TV shows to your television or portable device. This has been a great industry development for LA actors that need to keep current with the films that are out there (aka, all of us), but may not have the time, schedule, or resources to attend first-run movies at an theater.

Even better than a paid subscription service, and more wallet friendly, are sites that stream movies for free. Some of them have been covered here before, so here's another to add to the growing list.

Indiewire is a favorite industry news site geared towards independent filmmakers and films, self-described as a "news, information, and networking site for independent-minded filmmakers, the industry and moviegoers alike." What you may not realize is that Indiewire is owned by SnagFilms, a site that provides online access to movies and TV shows for free.

Their collection is pretty eclectic: not in a "C movie from the 1980s" sort of way, but in a "great indie film you missed because of the big blockbuster" kind of way. Even their categories have flavor: Bollywood, Celebrities, Cult Classics and Festivals are just some of the categories listed to help you discover the film that fits your mood tonight.

SnagFilms is billed as an "ad-supported social video-viewing platform," which we're already familiar with (Hulu, youtube), but they're short, and the price is right. Register, login, stream. Free.

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