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Hidden Talent: How to download mp3s legally using your library card

Freegal Music
Freegal Music
Freegal Music

As actors, one of our responsibilities is to keep current with popular culture, which includes current music and musicians. You never know when a breakdown is going to describe a character that’s a cross between Shakira and Justin Bieber, and your familiarity with who they are and what their music is like is obviously going to inform, or crash, your audition.

Thankfully, if you know how, you don’t have to pay out your hard earned cash at iTunes, scrounge CDs from friends, be restricted to streaming services that require constant wifi access, or rip music illegally (you would never do that to another artist, anyway, I’m sure).

Thanks to Freegal Music, all you need to download those precious mp3 files is your Los Angeles Public Library card. Library Ideas, a privately own company based in Fairfax, Virginia, provides services to the educational market, which includes the LAPL. Their service Freegal allows users with a current library card and PIN access to over 7 million songs, from over 28,000 labels. There are no access restrictions, and it’s all legal. There is a limit to the number of downloads, which in Los Angeles is five mp3 downloads per week. You can even download music videos, but each video counts as two mp3 downloads.

All you have to do is login to Freegal with your LAPL number via your web browser , or through their apps available in iTunes or Google Play.

Now get out there and do some research!