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Hidden Creek Ranch in Sonoma, California: home of the mystical "Gypsy" horse

Hidden Creek Ranch "Gypsy" horses
Hidden Creek Ranch "Gypsy" horses
Hidden Creek Ranch and Co.

Hidden Creek Ranch "Gypsy" horses
Hidden Creek Ranch and Co./ Forrest Bliss

About HCR

Hidden Creek Ranch is located in the Northern California wine country. If you are looking for that one special horse, we may be able to help. We offer top quality foals for sale from our outstanding imported foundation mares. Also, over the past number of years we have cultivated realtionships with some top breeders in the UK. Whether you are looking for a high caliber foal or an imported mare, foal or gelding, we are here to meet your individual needs. Please see our sales page for current postings or for more information, contact us at:

About Stephanie Burlington:


My Story

I became interested in the Gypsy Cob breed while on a horseback riding vacation in Scotland. A number of the horses on the string were referred to as Irish Cobs. I had never seen this breed before and began inquiring about it. I was told that they were known by various names: Irish Cobs, Tinkers or Gypsy Cobs. I was impressed by their sweet dispositions, steadiness on the trail and thick forelocks, manes, tails and feathers.

On my return to the U.S., I began to research the breed. I learned that these horses were the passion, pride and heritage of the Romany people. The Romany people, also known as travelers or gypsies, traveled through Ireland and England looking for work. They needed a horse that was hardy, steadfast and gentle. These horses had to pull the family's vardo or living wagon long distances at a steady trot all day. The gypsies would not tolerate a horse that was spooky or put the family in harm's way. These animals had to be docile enough for the children to ride, handle or play amongst. The horses were also bred for their beauty and fluid movement. The results of the Romany people's special breeding are seen in the Gypsy Cob or Irish Cob of today.

The Gypsy Cob was not a formally registered breed until recently. The lineage of these horses was passed down by memory from generation to generation. Now there are various breed associations such as The Gypsy Cob Society, LTD, The Gypsy Cob Society of America, and The Gypsy Vanner Horse Society. These breed societies were formed to preserve the quality of the breed as it exists today.


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