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‘Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows’ now available on iPad devices

A promotional image for "Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows" from its publisher's official website
A promotional image for "Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows" from its publisher's official website

According to the iTunes App Store, a new game is now available on iPad devices. That game is called “Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows,” and it was made available for download on February 20, 2014. This title is a free-to-play game that utilizes in-app purchases. Note that this game is only playable on iPad devices, and is only playable on the iPad 2 or any newer iPad. This game also requires that the device be running iOS 5.1.1.

“Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows” is a hidden object puzzle game. This means that the primary gameplay involves the player going into puzzle areas and locating objects from a list that are hidden in the background. Once the player collects all of the items, they will receive experience, coins, and various items based on which puzzle area the player is in. The player has a limited amount of energy to use, which is consumed each time the player enters a puzzle area. The player can restore this energy using certain items they have obtained, using in-app purchases, or by simply waiting for it to refill. The player’s energy is also completely filled when they level up. Leveling up also gives the player a larger energy pool and access to new areas, features, and quests.

During gameplay, the player will be given quests to complete. Each quest requires the player to do one of the following: explore a specific area, obtain a specific item or items (often from a specific location), use a specific item, or defeat an enemy that is wondering the town. Completing these quests will give the player experience, coins, and items. It will also usually unlock a new quest, unless the quest is the final one in that particular line of quests.

To learn more about “Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows,” visit its page on its publisher’s website:

"Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows" on G5 Entertainment's website