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Hidden cash frenzy hits Hermosa Beach, said to be headed to NYC next

The "Hidden Cash" frenzy that's gripped several California communities and has attracted worldwide attention, descended upon Southern California Saturday, as hopeful treasure hunters dug for a windfall on Hermosa Beach. The mysterious benefactor who communicates via Twitter under the handle @HiddenCash, indicated the night before that he'd be placing the cash stashes at an area beach overnight, but stopped short of naming which one. He even hinted that after his L.A. area stop, he may be heading east to New York City next.

Mystery donor is hiding money in California cities and then starting scavenger hunts via social media to find the cash stashes.

The "Hidden Cash" philanthropist waited until around 11:30 a.m. to name his latest drop point, according to on Sunday, June 1. He had placed an average of about $100 in 36 little red Angry Birds piggy banks, buried ankle deep in the warm sand. Then he tweeted, "Hermosa Beach, between the pier and the volleyball nets to your left (as you face the ocean),...Go!"

The mystery man previously handed out wads of cash at hidden drops sites such as Los Feliz, Echo Park, Burbank and the Huntington Library in the greater Los Angeles area. The whole sensation began about two weeks ago when the unknown figure began dishing out free money by hiding it throughout San Francisco.

@HiddenCash, who communicates via email and Twitter, initially wrote that his pay-it-forward scavenger hunts were an, "anonymous social experiment for good." Saturday he wrote that the frenzy had become much bigger than San Francisco, and much more than a scavenger hunt, according to Gothamist.

He called the worldwide interest that his actions have spawned "tremendous," and while surprising to himself, also admitted it was "understandable." The hidden cash guy then laid out four reasons why he thinks he's struck a cord with people across the globe.

First, everyone loves free money, and second people really enjoy a real world scavenger hunt. Thirdly, even those who can't or don't participate in the hunts themselves, enjoy following the stories of those that do and how they often continue paying it forward.

Lastly, the hidden cash man says he thinks we have become alienated from each other, and sees this as a fun way for people to come together. He claims he's doling out about $1,000 per day in one to two hundred dollar increments using his riddles as clues to their locations.

ABC News reports the mysterious millionaire has sparked copycat donors that have surfaced in Texas, Florida, Colorado and more. The anonymous man has more than 300,000 Twitter followers, and after landing in Los Angeles this weekend, he indicated he might be heading to New York soon.

However, not all see this man's actions as a good thing. One observer noted that a young woman ran right in front of his car a few days ago. Another reported that at one point, a woman caught up in the hoopla abandoned her car in the street to join in the cash hunt.

The Hermosa Beach stashes were all found by about 5 p.m.. It's safe to say the landscape of the beach scene their Saturday was more than the usual kids digging in the sand with pales and shovels, alongside older men in socks and sandals with metal detectors in tow.

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