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Hidden benefits can supplement salary

The new year brings self-reflection and makes most individuals contemplate how to improve their lives in the upcoming year.

One common vow is for career advancement, or even change, particularly if the person does not enjoy their current position. In light of the struggling economy, however, this may be a lofty and difficult goal. Instead, it might be more advisable and realistic to find something appreciable about one’s current position.

Like fringe benefits.

Fringe benefits are those frequently overlooked perks like health, dental, vision, disability, and life insurances, employee retirement contributions, paid vacation, holiday, or sick days, flex schedules, child-care, tuition reimbursement, travel or relocation expenses, or even stock options. Or union member or employee discounts at fitness, technology, entertainment, and other venues or products.

Though they may not always be reflected in an employee’s net pay, they are often an alternative form of free money!


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