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Hickory Tavern/Trend Magazine Online

A.K.A. Wing Heaven!

By Jay Whipple/Trend Magazine

The Hickory Tavern is located in North Charlotte near the new Northlake Mall off of I-77 North and Harris Boulevard. This area today is known as Harris Corners. The building has been home to several other eateries in the past and is in a very fast growing area of Charlotte just before Huntersville, NC, which was named the number one town to live by Forbes Magazine in 2009. When I moved to Charlotte, NC, in 1985, there was nothing but farm land where today sits a new mall, multiple hotels, restaurants and bars, and a few specialty shops. In fact I remember staking the pole line that would eventually supply electricity to this area back in the late 1980’s and when I was employed as an Engineer with Duke Power Company.

The Hickory Tavern is set up just as you would expect from its name, a good ole’ fashioned steak and ale restaurant that includes a bar/saloon. It was pretty cool to learn that my server was like myself a transplant from South Florida. We both agreed that Charlotte was a completely different world from South Florida and that each place had its pluses and minuses. It made me a bit home sick to be honest.

Any how, I did my usual and ordered a take out of wings just to sample the menu. It had been months since I was brave enough to order chicken wings again after a terrible case of food poisoning that I experienced at an Uptown Charlotte eatery in 2008. My server assured me that they took more pride in their food preparation and highly recommended the wings as one of their specialties. My order took about 15 minutes to be completed and I was on my way home. I did my usual taste test in my tour vehicle while stopped at traffic signals. It turns out that my server was right, the wings were a cut above other eateries and the ranch dressing was fresh and cold along with the celery sticks.

Although the Hickory Tavern is a bit out of the way from center city, it is worth a stop if you are heading towards Huntersville, NC, or Uptown Charlotte, off I-77 North and South, or if you live in the area. They also have other locations in Huntersville, Ballantyne, Providence Road, Steelcroft, and Mooresville, NC.

The Hickory Tavern is located at 9010 Harris Corners Parkway, Charlotte, NC, 28269. Their phone number is 704-921-4466, and web site address is Tell them that Trend Magazine Online sent you!

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