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Hickory Hollow Mall troubling for gamers, too

Yesterday a news article was released, announcing that five more stores are going to be closing their locations at Hickory Hollow Mall in Nashville. The article, found here, says that Chick-Fil-A, The Children's Place, New York & Company, and Hot Topic will close their doors on January 23. 

This news does not come as a surprise, as the mall has been in trouble since at least July 2009. Despite what this may or may not say for the current state of the economy in the Middle Tennessee area, the impact this trend could have on local gamers could be significant. 

For the last three years, Nord's Games has maintained a location in Hickory Hollow Mall, and with the future of the mall in question, the question of the fate of Nord's Games in Nashville should come to the forefront for RPG and tabletop gamers. The loss of Nord's in the local gaming community could have wide reaching effects for the economy and competition amongst the local gaming stores. While a few other stores exist, the fact that Nord's has drawn large amounts of the regular customers from these few other stores is an indicator that a mainstream, more publicly based gaming store works as a concept. 

With Hickory Hollow Mall on the way out, the future of Nord's moves to the forefront of issues to be discussed by the gaming community. 

Updates will be provided concerning Nord's Games as they become available. 


  • Jerry 5 years ago

    Nord's is closing as of April 30th. I am a sad panda.

  • RichD 5 years ago

    Any word on why they decided to close? Was it just the decline of the mall?

  • michael 5 years ago

    so, now that nord's is closed, where's the best place to go for rps supplies - i know, of course about the great escape and... i think it's called the game nook in donelson... any othe suggestions? thanks.

  • Dorene 4 years ago

    Hickory Hollow Mall recently said that Nord's may be coming back. Just fyi.

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