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Hibernia in The Rock


Hibernia, a long awaited Irish tavern, has opened in Little Rock.  It occupies the space of the former club Legends on Rodney Parham near Cupid's and Goodwill.

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On the name Hibernia


Our name "Hibernia" is the Classical Latin name for the island of Ireland. As the tavern is wholly Irish owned and provides authentic Irish cuisine and drinks, we invite you to experience a little bit of Ireland in Little Rock.

Irish cuisine evolved from centuries of social and political change. The cuisine takes its influence from the crops grown and animals farmed in its temperate climate. The introduction of the potato in the second half of the sixteenth century heavily influenced cuisine thereafter. Irish beef is exported worldwide and renowned for its high quality.

Regarding the beverages, Ireland has its own identity. Many of the drinks that are made in Ireland, or in an Irish manner, have gained popularity all over the world. The Irish whiskey cream, the Irish coffee and the great number of beers that are produced in Ireland helped the country become famous.



Hibernia Irish Tavern 9700 Rodney Parham Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72227
(501) 246-4340



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