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Sometimes it's okay to go out of service
Sometimes it's okay to go out of service

Hiatus: A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break... Something that's definitely needed to restore your spiritual wellness. Obviously I took one looking at the date from my last article published. When we keep going and going through life, peddling non-stop, we can tire out. Not only may we tire out but we might also become overwhelmed; that's usually when we say "I need a vacation!"

It's okay to take a vacation from life. Don't be afraid to go AWOL on an area in life that are honestly just burning you out. Protect your spirit's well-being by not overloading yourself. Rather it's a month's long hiatus or a 15-minute, make the time to do so!

Here's some shorter hiatuses that locals can go on around the DFW:

  • Local lake (Lewisville, Grapevine, or Lake Dallas). Sit and stare at the water waves and breathe in the fresh air. Walk a trail, and be sure to pack your favorite tunes if you'd like a soundtrack for the outing.
  • Take a weekly dance/exercise class to break up the monotony of your week. Try new studio in Carrollton- Dreamer's Dance Studio, 214-930-3971, 2515 Rosemeade Pkwy suite 119
  • Relax with a day spa adventure. See Pure Spa & Salon (a spa for both men & women) in Downtown Dallas at or call 214-827-4200.

For more stressful or serious matters a longer hiatus may need to be taken. Sometimes we find things in our life that need to cut out indefinitely in order to keep a peace in our spirit wellness. Pray for discernment on deciphering those areas.


Chondra K.


  • Ron~Yea 5 years ago

    This is a good blog because we all have fallen victim of putting ourselves and our well being on the back burner...thanks for the local suggestions!

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