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Hialeah Housing Authority Operations Under Investigation

Approximately one week after former Housing Director Alex Morales filed a lawsuit against Mayor Julio Robaina for defamatory comments, the Hialeah Housing Authority Board of Commissioners approved an inquiry from the Mayor. The inquiry will investigate the agency’s operations from 2000 to 2009.

New Housing Authority Chairman Maida Gutierrez, voted in that night, stated that ``If there were any things that were done illegally, it would come to the open. It would benefit the Hialeah Housing Authority and its employees.''

The investigation will explore allegations of excessive use of flex time by employees, missing files, backlogs of unused housing vouchers, vacant apartments and questionable practices by the employees and the former Director.

A preliminary report is expected in 30 days from the Housing Authorities accountants, Cornwell Associates. A full report is expected with 60 days, however, outside consultants and legal advisers would be necessary to complete the investigation within that time frame.

As of yet, the cost of this investigation is unknown.


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