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Hi, my name is Dance Pants, and I'm a Little Daylight-aholic.

Two things disappoint me about the electro-pop trio Little Daylight. One, I had to miss their World Café Live show last month. I heard it was amazing. And two, they don't have enough music out. Actually, now that I think about it, I'm going to add a third thing to the list. Three, they're cruel.

Yep, I said it. Cruel.

I just don't understand how you could dangle something over someone's head, enticing them with the thing they want most, giving them only enough to keep them wanting more. Granted, that's fun to do with pets. But I hate when somebody does it to me. And that's exactly what Little Daylight has done. Their five-song EP Tunnel Vision has kept me on the edge of my seat, anxiously awaiting their next hit. It's the type of audio drug that would make any self-respecting synth-head drool for more.

But at least I'm not the only one who's addicted to Little Daylight. This past year the musicsphere has been blowing up over Little Daylight's first single, the aptly titled "Overdose," which was released in April of 2013.

It's impossible to NOT get sucked into this perfectly crafted masterpiece. The pounding mid-tempo drums build alongside Nikki Taylor's passionate vocals, until everything crescendos into an explosive climax. The chorus then envelops your senses and you melt into a tidal wave of sound. It's euphoric.

But, unfortunately, euphoria has a downside. Before long, the high is over. The song ends and the walls come crashing down.

You could just accept that nothing's permanent and move on. But because you're an addict, you stare at the world in dejected disbelief and cry out, "Wait, it's over? No! It can't be over! I need more! Where can I get more? I MUST have more!"

What happens next is ugly.

You get a huge sore on your thumb because you've hit the back button on your iPod too many times.

That's what Little Daylight's second single, "Glitter and Gold," will do to you. Don't say I didn't warn you. The 80s-inspired dancey glam track is my favorite from the EP. It's effervescent and sparkly and my latest go-to workout jam.

Little Daylight's first full-length LP Hello Memory is scheduled for release this summer. Until then, we only have their phenomenal freshman EP Tunnel Vision and some highly danceable remixes (some of which can be downloaded for free on their Facebook page) to hold us over.

If you're a fan of M83, CHVCHES, or anything remotely similar, do yourself a favor and give Little Daylight a listen. Your speakers will hate you from being overworked, but you'll be too blissed out to care.

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