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Hi-Low dresses: A summer staple

Hi-Low dresses
Hi-Low dresses

The hi-low trend has been huge this summer, but is it worth all the hype?

hi-Low Dress

Yes, yes it is. Hi-low dresses -- and skirts -- gives the maxi dress and skirt a run for its money. It's averaging about 85 degrees in Glendale these days and with August right around the corner, those degrees are only going to spike up. A maxi can be flowing and nice, but ladies, legs sweat, right?

The hi-low trend is a perfect blend of, well, short and long skirts. The front is cut short -- usually a bit above the knees, and the back is much longer -- usually to the ankles.

This look is suitable for a lunch out or a night out. Paired with a crop top or a flowing blouse, the hi-low skirt can go from casual to sparkling and fabulous. The hi-low dress can be paired with wedges or with your sexiest pumps.

The dresses have transformed throughout the summer season from just simple tank dresses to full-blown dresses with cut-outs and neon hues.

There's no telling when this trend will take a hike -- pun intended. However, for now, every girl should have at least one of these in their closets. It works with all body types because there are so many different styles to choose from.

Do you have a hi-low dress in your closet?


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