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Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Off to Disney we go: Road trip fun

Driving to Disney can help save a lot of money, especially when you have to pay the airfare for a family of four (or more). This year, instead of flying into Orlando, consider packing up the car and driving to Walt Disney World. A road trip to Disney can be just as much fun as the actual Disney vacation.

Not only will a road trip save you a lot of money, it will also help create great family memories. Make plans to stop along the way and enjoy the many Disney and non-Disney sights along the way.

Here are some tips to make your upcoming road trip to the Walt Disney World Resorts fun and exciting:

Pack an activity bag

Fill a travel bag with a lot of Disney-themed goodies, such as games, coloring pages, puzzles and books. Pack some surprises in the bag for the kids to discover when they start digging through the bag looking for something to do.

Play movies

Pack a portable DVD player or tablet loaded with movies. Make sure to only play Disney movies will driving. This will help get everyone in the mood and ready for their arrival at Disney World.

Plan a caravan

Planning a caravan trip is great, especially if you know of other families that are going to Disney at the same time. Caravan trips are popular for larger families traveling in more than one car. This makes it possible to have fun while taking a break from driving. Plus, you can change up who is in which car every time you stop.

Find hidden Mickeys

While driving and taking a break at rest stops, have everyone look for hidden Mickeys. Of course they are not going to be as easy to find when you are not at Disney, but it will get everyone in the habit of searching for them.

Play games

There are many different games you can play together as a family. On the road games include the ABC and license plate games. Be creative and develop some new road trip games that are Disney themed.

Stop in St. Augustine

There is a Walt Disney World outlet in St. Augustine. If you are traveling through Florida on I-95, make plans to stop in St. Augustine, stretch your legs and explore Disney’s Character Premier. The Disney outlet is located at 500 Outlet Mall Boulevard. For more information call 904.829.0359.

A final benefit of taking a road trip to Disney is the fact that you will not have to rent a car while there. Sure you can use Disney transportation to get around Disney World, but what if you want to go to the beach or go out and explore Orlando. By driving you will have the options to go do these things without having to pay extra for a rental car or other means of transportation to get to where you want to go.

Happy vacationing!

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