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HGTV takes Kokomo beautification project to next level; PDSI beautifying South

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As Old Man Winter dusts off his snowy coat and Mother Nature begins her Spring thaw, HGTV is giving Kokomo, Ind. welcome news, promising to make their fair city the home and garden company's showcase site this year. And a March 11, 2014 report from the Kokomo Perspective states that it couldn't happen at a better time, with everyone in the community excited that they will finally reach their 700 basket beautification project goal thanks to the products being provided.

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Hanging baskets of hybrid petunias have dotted the downtown landscape and beyond for the past eight years, yet the town never reached their desired 700 hanging basket goal. But thanks to the fact that the Country Raisins wholesale greenhouse recently enjoyed an expansion, which includes licensure to grow the new HGTV plant collection for the state, the city's goal of adding mass profusions of flowers around the area will now be realized.

The Hilligoss family, who owns Country Raisins, is but one of the many families in the community seeking to transform the city and geographical area into a beautiful presentation for locals and tourists. But the same process is happening all over the nation, as communities large and small seek to transform their downtown areas with beautification projects in time for the first day of Spring.

And some of those individuals, like Alyssa Hilligoss, the daughter of the proprietors of Country Raisin, have been recognized with awards for their floriculture efforts in the academic research field. Georgia can boast some experts in that field too, especially from the University of Georgia.

Allan M. Armitage may be the best known academic expert in the field of horticulture in the state, also well known as a writer and researcher throughout the world. And he is joined by other celebrated landscape professionals, like Hugh and Mary Palmer Dargan, both formally educated and licensed landscape architects who can boast former HGTV "Ground Breakers" ties. And Mary Palmer can also claim degrees and expertise in botany knowledge anyone would envy.

If your town needs some sprucing up in time for this year's blooming season, you might want to reach out to one of the professional flower and landscape experts in your community for assistance. And if you don't know of one, think about giving Armitage or the Dargans a call, as I've seen their work first hand and highly recommend them. And for those who live in the South, you really must insist on purchasing only Southern Living Plant Collection products for your home landscape, as they really do survive and thrive through all the seasons in this part of the country. And I've got a trial garden to prove it. Just check out the photos above.