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HGTV sweepstakes 'Property Brothers': Find out how you can win $25,000

'Property Brothers'
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tonight was the big season premiere of "Property Brothers" on HGTV. Fans saw that they are doing a contest where you can win $25,000. On March 12, the show went to their Facebook page to share what you need to do to win this money.

If you want to win, you have to be able to access their site and enter a code that they showed on air. This was a bit hard for some fans because the contest is so popular that the site kept going down. If you keep trying, it should come up for you though.

Many fans were able to enter but were unable to tell if their entry went through or not. After the show was over, it was easier to get the site to come up though so keep trying. You will need to get the code from the show and then go to the "Property Brothers" page here to enter.

Don't miss new episodes of "Property Brothers" on Wednesday nights on HGTV.

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