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HGTV's 'Beat the House': Southern belle bashes Northern intellectual? Sneak peek

Georgia's JoJo Jones enters round three against her Northern nemesis Christopher Kromer on HGTV's "Beat the House".
Georgia's JoJo Jones enters round three against her Northern nemesis Christopher Kromer on HGTV's "Beat the House".
Courtesy of HGTV

HGTV's "Beat the House" stars are at it again on tonight's show as evidenced in this Jan. 21 Ardaban sneak peek clip provided by an inside source the Atlanta Top News Examiner spoke with today. But will Georgia's own Macon realtor JoJo Jones finally give her Northern adversary a thrashing during the third episode of this new series?

Viewing the promo video of the dueling realtors makes it seem on one hand that Jones is going to finally start beating the house the show's guests have chosen, with tonight's female home buyer Colleen gushing over the space JoJo's chosen house provided.

The house that you showed us JoJo, it offered us every nook and cranny that we could ever need and more!"

But just like in the two previous episodes, the husband in this story, Rick, also weighed in with a negative, telling the female Southern belle that he feels the biggest drawback in the home she presented to them was where it was located, because it "was on a really busy street." This couple has a daughter and are used to living an urban life rather than in the suburbs. So a busy street is an issue, apparently.

Christopher Kromer thinks Rick's dislike of busy streets in the neighborhood where Jones' house is located is going to give him the edge over his co-star, and you can see it all over his face. But when Rick starts bragging about how Kromer's house is a "walkable" distance, JoJo gets angry and asks, "But how far is it on the train?" since commuting is a concern for these two home buying adults as well.

And the Southern realtor is rewarded with this disclosure from Rick's wife:

That was the drawback to Christopher's house," Colleen admitted. "We're sitting on the train for an hour, and a bus ride that's almost as long."

Georgia's hotshot realtor must convince this couple that teaching their daughter good road safety skills is preferable to them having to ride a train for an hour just because their new house has a busy street. But can she do it? Kromer doesn't think so, moving to cut her off before she can start by reminding Rick and Colleen that transportation in the city is "soon going to be offering an express stop" that will cut down on their commute time, if they take his house.

If JoJo Jones loses out to her nemesis in this episode it's going to make her fans in the South believe she's been set up for failure, as she has always managed to locate the most perfect-ready homes in each episode, which made the female guests in each show drool with delight. So her losses are either a set-up or the men picked to star in this series must be the tightest penny-pinchers in the nation.

These men don't seem to give a rat's rear-end about their wife's ability to move into a ready home. Instead, they appear to want to sacrifice their loved one's comfort and ease in order to keep that green in their wallet. I mean for goodness sakes, Rick really wants viewers to believe he's more concerned about a busy street than a one-hour commute to work? Who's he kidding?

Tune in tonight at 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. ET to find out if this is the week that JoJo steps up her Suzanne Sugarbaker game and makes Christopher Kromer look like tightwad Mr. Roper on Three's Company.

Atlanta Top News Examiner Radell Smith has written for several local Georgia newspapers, covering celebrities and events around the state and espousing her views on pop culture and more in a weekly op-ed column. Let her know if you think HGTV's Beat the House star JoJo Jones is fighting a losing battle with this show or if she just needs to beat Christopher at his own game by finding a cheaper house for the show's guests.

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