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HGTV Hangout announced: Tune in for 'Beat the House' real estate tips

HGTV's final episodes of "Beat the House" preceded by HGTVHangout on Google Plus.
HGTV's final episodes of "Beat the House" preceded by HGTVHangout on Google Plus.

Shopping for a new house for the first time or the fifth time can be exhausting and overwhelming. There are so many options and so much to consider that few people can take on such a task without enlisting the help of a professional. And that's why two professional realty experts on a top reality television show want to help--for free! In a Facebook post on Jan. 24, Joanna "JoJo" Floyd Jones asked her "Beat the House" fans this question:

Would ya'll like to hangout with Christopher Kromer of Beat the House and me? We will be doing an HGTV #BeatTheHouse Hangout on Google + Tuesday at 2 p.m. EST."

Who wouldn't want some free advice from a famous realtor, right? And these two have been keeping house buying shoppers entertained so much this month with the newest reality show on the home and garden scene that they've attracted millions of viewers.

On Beat the House the two real estate gurus have tried to woo potential home buyers away from the properties they originally wanted to buy in favor of one JoJo or Christopher found in the desired neighborhood instead. Hence the name "Beat the House." And the Macon, Ga. powerhouse and her Northern counterpart have done such a good job of keeping people guessing who will win the buyers over each week that they have drawn a million viewers each night their new show has aired for the past two weeks.

On Tuesday they will air their final episodes, but they want to give their television viewing fans a little something special before then, for being so faithful. And they feel that answering your real estate questions will be the perfect thing. All you have to do is submit your real estate questions using the Twitter hastag #HGTVHangout when you click here on Tuesday.

It's that simple. But for those who just can't wait to learn what they need to do in order to get a great house at a great price, JoJo has graciously agreed to dish out a little advice in advance of Tuesday's hangout to the Atlanta Top News Examiner's readers.

JoJo Jones' Tips for House Hunters:

You are getting ready to make one of the biggest decisions in your life so you need an agent that is passionate about selling houses and passionate about finding the perfect one for you."

So if you think getting married is important, you need to realize that getting the right agent is almost as important, according to JoJo.

Jones also strongly believes that an agent should take you on a tour of the town where you plan to live, even if you have lived in that town for years. That's because real estate agents are like hairdressers: they know more about certain stuff than the average person. After all, they talk to a lot more people who are "in the know," so they have more insight.

If you start with an agent and find you aren't meshing, politely move on to another agent so that you won't be wasting their time or yours," JoJo also said.

This is one woman who doesn't like to waste time, which explains why she has received the Million Dollar Club Award every year. But don't think JoJo is about rushing a sale, because she definitely isn't. In fact, she says that when it comes to picking your agent, choose one who is going to take the time to get to know you, your likes and dislikes, as well as your interests and hobbies. But if they don't, then drop them, as it will save you both from wasting time.

Great advice, as no one really has time to waste, right? But how do you know which agent would be right for you? JoJo recommends you "make sure your agent knows what they are doing. They should present themselves in a friendly, professional manner."

And talk to friends and co-workers about their agents. They know your likes and dislikes and can give input from their own experiences," the Macon realtor added.

If you live in Macon, Ga. you already know that Joanna Floyd Jones is the go-to girl of Sheridan Solomon and Associates. But if you live elsewhere you now have JoJo's tips to finding the right realtor for you. And if you tune in Tuesday at 2 p.m. EST for JoJo and Christopher's question and answer session on Google Plus you will be even more prepared for house hunting. And don't miss their final episodes on HGTV's "Beat the House" at 11 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

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