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HGTV cancels show featuring conservative Christian activists, liberals applaud

David and Jason Benham
David and Jason Benham

Does HGTV have a problem with active conservative Christians hosting programs? On Wednesday, the popular home and garden network announced on Twitter it has decided not to continue a series featuring David Benham and his twin brother, Jason. Although HGTV did not say why it canceled the program in its short message, it appears the brothers were rejected because of their conservative Christian beliefs and activism.

An article at LGBTQ Nation says David has campaigned against the gay agenda and opposes abortion. He also led a prayer rally in front of the 2012 DNC convention in Charlotte. According to reports, his brother joined him at the rally.

In 2012, he wrote in support of an amendment to the North Carolina constitution that would protect marriage as an institution between one man and one woman. That same year, he exhorted Christian men to fight against the gay agenda using the same vigor as that shown by those who fought Nazi Germany.

In regards to a referendum on gay marriage, he said that "if evil is being accepted and appreciated at the national level, aggressive Christian men must lead the charge against it."

"In the late 1940′s England realized this truth with Neville Chamberlain’s Policy of Appeasement and the Nazi regime," he said. "Chamberlain thought he could somehow 'appease' the fuehrer, yet Winston Churchill aggressively stood against this policy and proclaimed that they must kill Hitler and destroy the regime in its entirety. It wasn’t long before Chamberlain’s 'politically correct' policy fell flat on its face, and Churchill – the more aggressive man – took the reins and joined America in defeating the beast called, Naziism."

According to the Anti-Defamation League, David once referred to Muslims as "the enemy attacking" America. He also portrayed the United States as a Christian nation, the ADL added.

"The difference between Islam and Christianity: Islam takes life and enslaves it. Christianity lays its life down and sets you free," he reportedly said.

His father, LGBTQ Nation added, is Flip Benham, a preacher who has headed Operation Save America, a pro-life group that conducts protests at abortion clinics. According to the Huffington Post, the elder Benham got in a bit of trouble with the law and was found guilty of stalking a Charlotte abortion doctor after he passed out hundreds of "wanted" posters with the abortionist's name and photo on it. According to prosecutors, the posters read: "Wanted ... By Christ, to Stop Killing Babies."

HGTV's followers on Twitter celebrated the move, thanking the network for canceling the program.

"Thank you for this decision. It was the right thing to do," one person said.

'I have zero tolerance for hate and intolerance," another person said, perhaps missing the irony of the message. "I am happy they acted as fast as they did as well."

HGTV did not elaborate on the cancellation and neither brother mentioned it on Twitter. Attempts to reach the brothers for further comment were unsuccessful as of this writing.

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