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Hey, you promised me a big red wine!

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When your sweetie calls your buff and asks for that big red wine you promised, it’s really no biggie. What you want to get is a wine that ranks high in the “purple tooth” category. For this, look no further than Syrah.

Some of these puppies are so voluptuous that the only way to describe them is wild yumminess! They are like listening to jazz, always coming through with the unexpected, but in a non-wimpy, exotic way.

They also go well with just about everything on the grill. The smoky base of a good Syrah is almost certain to step up as a compliment to everything from grilled chicken to filet mignon.

But best of all, there’s nothing more gratifying when your sweetie echoes back an approving smile with a mouthful of purple teeth! Oh yeah, that’s it, the Syrah strikes again! Of course, how to find a good one and right when it’s needed, that’s always the issue.

One solution is to “get dusted” and give Dusted Valley’s “Stained Tooth Syrah” a swirl. It’s guaranteed to arrive as a nice big one with a deep dark berry bouquet, riveting mouth-coating fullness, and a fine jammy finish.

After a few glasses, have your sweetie take a look. Nice teeth, but not to worry, it brushes off, unless of course, you’ve been drinking one of these every day!

Get it at AJs on Central Ave. and it’s priced between $25 and $30 per bottle and they sometimes go on sale.

Serve slightly chilled from the fridge after 20 minutes (60-65 degrees). This one doesn’t need a lot of coaxing to open up, it’s right up front.