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Hey, What’s In It For Me, Too?

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This is an important time to compare and contrast the rich and famous and ask ourselves if they are really so different from the rest of us. I think not! I think that the self-serving, the narcissistic, the "because they can" crowd is getting slammed fast and hard right now because we are no longer willing to look the other way. And, since this is a human dilemma, we all have parts of them in us!

This is a time to look at ourselves. Affairs and unethical financial issues are as old as man (and woman also, if we are to be fair). Here is the key question for this decade of this fast-passed century: are we going to continue the prevalent self-serving pattern of WIIFM, you know the first question most of us want to have answered is "what's in it for me?" or move to the higher ground of integrity and systems' thinking?

Anthropologist Gregory Bateson's definition of integrity is crucial for these times as we stand, yet again, at a cultural crossroads during this time of economic tension and climate concern.

Integrity: the ability to integrate all aspects of a situation. It means considering how my actions impact you, and you, and you. It means taking into account the long range implications of what we do, how we define our carbon footprint. It means knowing that what is done today will affect our children, grandchildren, and as the Native Americans say, "unto the seventh generation". It means looking at the patterns that have led us to now and deciding if the way we are going has sustainability or, is it time to think about how we are all connected and that no one wins unless we all do.

Want to learn more? Check out Michael Hirsh's book “At War With Ourselves" to examine the risks and responsibilities that go along with being the world's sole superpower. And then look into "Don't Bring It to Work" for the long term patterns that get us stuck and ways to get unstuck.

After all, don’t you want to lead from a place of high integrity?

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