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Hey- this isn't the car I booked.

Kristin Brown
Kristin Brown
Hilary LiDestri/ Visual Image Photography

Make sure you know who will show up at your wedding. This is not about the guests, vendors have a knack for over booking and sending a “B” team. When you are meeting with a consultant, a transportation company, a photographer, even a venue- make sure you know exactly who you will be working with on the night of your event.
If a certain catering manager is the reason you booked a property- make sure s/he is aware of your respect and desire they be present to oversee the reception. It is not unusual for large venues to have catering teams and if your expectations are not expressed, they will not know their presence is valued.
When it comes to your consultant- be clear who will be assisting you in the planning and who you can expect to guide you through the day. Note on the contract what time the consultants will leave the event and if you expect them to stay until you depart.
With photographers, make sure there is a name on the contract- if you hire Joe Blow and Joe Blow does not show- you might have recourse. If you hire a company, make sure you have a reasonable expectation of the work and what you should expect as an end product. Look at examples and state clearly the “type” of photography you prefer. If there is a photographer on staff who does more unusual and artistic imagery, and that is what you want- make sure you are hiring that photographer and not a more “traditional” artist.
Dallas wedding consultant, Trudy Baade of Lagniappe Weddings has this to say to brides, “It’s extremely important to review all of your vendor contracts to make sure the name of vendor listed is who will be there on your wedding day. For example, the band's name, the DJ's name, the photographer’s name, make-up
artist and so on. I highly recommend confirming those details with that vendor before signing the contract, during your planning meetings and most important the week of the event."
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