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Hey, Obama, the 60s called, they want their Flower Power back

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Barack Obama’s foreign policy has been to say Putin is on the wrong side of history. Obama is on the wrong side of reality as Putin makes history and acts to re-establish Soviet dominance, the dominance Ronald Reagan destroyed, over its neighbors once again. Eastern Europe was freed from forty years of Soviet occupation thanks to the efforts of President Reagan. Now, thanks to the efforts of Barack Obama, they are being reoccupied into the Soviet Bloc one state at a time.

Because she said Russia and Alaska are neighbors in site of one another, that when Russian’s invade American airspace they start in Alaska, liberals mocked Gov. Sarah Palin that “she could see Russia from her house.” Now that her warning that Putin would move on Ukraine because Obama is weak has come to pass, they are silent when it comes to her clear vision. Instead, American’s can rely on Democrats like Sen. Barbara Boxer (D- Cal.) to tell American boobs that she can see climate change from her house – and they marvel at her vision.

Gov. Romney also foresaw coming foreign policy disaster with the re-election of Barack Obama. Obama’s concentration on reducing American energy and military in favor of advancing his socialized medicine agenda through ObamaCare is running America down the same road that Roosevelt did in the 1930s. Obama mocked Romney saying, “The 80s called and they want their Cold War policy back.”

The only people on the wrong side of history are Obama and his ilk. Reagan was the last great president to be on the right side of history while Democrats are on the same path that led to WWII and will lead to WWIII. As for Obama, well, Mr. President, the 60s called and they want their Flower Power back!

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