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Hey, Nice Nails! in Long Beach, CA hosts a polish exchange.

Bring a polish and take a polish at Hey, Nice Nails! in Long Beach, CA.
Nails Magazine

Hey, Nice Nails! In Long Beach, CA inspires clients to spring clean with their Polish Exchange. The program is exactly what it sounds like: bring a polish you no longer fancy, and take a polish that does take your fancy.

Wondering how to find this polish exchange? Hey, Nice Nails! Is located at 316 Elm Avenue in Long Beach.

Wondering about the unique name of the nail salon? That’s the compliment every woman hears when she is wearing a fab set of hand painted Nail Art by the two lovely sisters of Hey, Nice Nails!

And who are these creative and generous nail artists? Donne and Ginny Geer are Nail Artists and Licensed Manicurists.

“We know that a lot of our clients like to impulsively buy polishes, or their friends do, or their daughters do — everyone does nowadays,” says Ginny Geer, who co-owns Hey, Nice Nails! with her sister Donne. “This is a way for ladies to take the polishes they are over and swap them out for some that they like better.”

Wondering what color to bring? What color do you no longer wear? What did you pick up because it went with the dress for your sister’s wedding? What color did you order online after drinking way too much red wine?

What color do you want to take home with you? The possibilities are endless. Maybe a new color for spring? A bold and unapologizing bright red? A shy and subtle pink? Green like the grass or blue like the sky? The possibilities are endless and the Geer sisters make it possible at Hey, Nice Nails! In Long Beach.

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