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Hey Denny McClain...shut up!

Denny McClain speaks out on Jhonny Peratta's 50 game suspension
Denny McClain speaks out on Jhonny Peratta's 50 game suspension
Leon Halip/Getty Images

There is a fundamental lesson of life that Denny McClain needs to learn. Sometimes it is not so much the message as who is delivering it. It is a little ironic that convicted felon McClain is the former or even current tigers player taking the hardest stance on the 50 game suspension of Jhonny Peralta.

Speaking to George Sipple of the Detroit Free Press McClain said the following:

He is more concerned with next year, starting clean, rather than helping the club this year. Everything’s about him. It’s not about the team. It’s not about the playoffs. It’s not about the World Series. It’s pure selfishness. All he wanted to do was put himself in position to get a multiyear contract for an awful lot of money.

While McClain has a point, and many Detroit Tigers fans will rally around is words it is important to note a few things. First McClain was suspended twice for dumping cold water on a sports reporter (the ultimate act of a coward) and for bringing a gun on a road trip. MLB Commish Bowie Kuhn would eventually suspend him for conspiring with bookies and the Tigers traded him to the Washington Senators.

So this could be a former selfish, self absorbed player making a point having learned from his mistakes. That would be fine if McClain’s post baseball career were not filled with so many crimes and stints in prison.

McClain is a convicted cocaine possessor, embezzler, cheat, and fraud. He has lived a life outside the law, and threw away his baseball career before he turned 30 years old. He has been sentenced to over 33 years in prison, grated one of his convictions as over turned on a procedural issue and has been in bankruptcy court on three separate occasions. Talk about the epitome of a selfish athlete.

It may be fun to start calling Jhonny Peralta Johnny Pariah, but McClain was the ultimate sports and life pariah and it is just shameful that the local Detroit spots media turned to this guy to get a colorful react quote.

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