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Hey can you hypnotize my friend

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When people find out you’re a hypnotist, you get one question more than any other: “Hey, can you hypnotize my friend?” The answer I usually give is a simple, “I can hypnotize you! And your friend if they want to be hypnotized.

There are several frequently asked questions (FAQs) almost any hypnotist will hear. So, in order to answer some of them for you and you may have these questions or not, here’s a list of a few more common ones.

What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state of relaxation for everyone…yes everyone! There are many times a day you drift in and out of hypnosis. Don’t believe me? Try walking around your office area and see how many people have that “daydreaming” look in their eyes. Guess where they are? It’s not at work at that very moment. If you’ve ever gotten home at the end of the day and can’t remember if you stopped at that stop sign on 4th and Main, well, you were in a type of hypnosis. Same thing for those of us who get so involved in a movie or sporting event on the screen we forget we are not actually there…hypnosis. And there is a state of hypnosis that we all enter just prior to actually falling asleep. So we are all hypnotizable in some way or another.

Can anyone be hypnotized? First, refer above. And yes, although there are factors that can affect someone not going into trance. Unlike as most people believe the more intelligent and creative a person is, the more easily they can be hypnotized. Intelligent and creative people can more easily access their creativity and focus their mind in a way that allows hypnosis to happen. This is interesting, too. The hypnotist does not really hypnotize anyone. The hypnotist simply guides the individual (or group) into the state of hypnosis. Above all else, the person must be willing to be hypnotized. Without a person’s cooperation in being guided into hypnosis, it is very likely it will not happen.

What does it feel like to be hypnotized? Or Does it feel good? The first answer is, “Let me show you…close your eyes…” It actually feels great. Different people feel it differently. Some experience dry mouth, tingling in their limbs and extremities. Some may feel heaviness in their limbs. No matter what they experience during hypnosis, it is a great feeling of relaxation. After hypnosis most subjects/clients describe it as feeling like have just work up from 8-hours of sleep…a great sleep.

Will I be asleep during hypnosis? No! You will not be asleep, as in nighty-night. To the casual observer, you may look asleep, but you are actually fully aware of all your surroundings. In fact, your senses may be magnified several times normal. You’ll feel as if you could simply open your eyes and be awake, but you don’t really want to, because it feels so good. Hypnosis is not sleep, but hypnotists use the word “sleep” because most of us understand that word.

Will I lose control under hypnosis? Not at all! You are fully conscious and can reject or accept suggestion at your own will. This is why the hypnotist and client/subject have to agree to the hypnosis. Without agreement, there is no hypnosis. Under hypnosis your mind will reject any undesired suggestions automatically.

What happens if you (the hypnotist) dies while I’m in trance? Will I be stuck forever? First of all, if I die while hypnotizing you and all you can think of is yourself…shame on you! I am dead!! Seriously, you cannot ever, ever, under any circumstance get stuck in hypnosis. One of two things will happen. First, you might simply fall asleep and wake up naturally after a nap. Second, you might just immediately come out of trance as I hit the floor in front of you…DEAD. Either way, you wake up.

How long can a hypnosis suggestion last? That’s a hard one to answer. Everyone’s subconscious is different and there are different schools of thought. Take a smoker who decides to use hypnosis to quit. They go see a hypnotist and just like that, they are no longer a smoker. Is the suggestion of being a non-smoker keeping them from smoking or have they simply established another habit to get rid of the bad one? I have had a hypnotist give me a suggestion that lasted for several weeks…so far. I have not run into that woman I once gave the suggestion that each time I say the word “banana” she acts like a chimp, but if I do see her again…I’m saying “banana” just to see!

There are myths and wives-tales about hypnosis that give hypnotists a bad name. The truth of the matter is that hypnosis works, and works well for many people. Whether you want to get rid of a bad habit, a fear, phobia, anxiety, stress, weight loss, or whatever, hypnosis may have an answer. It’s right there. Give it a try. Give trance a chance.



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